#SNELovesPets… a Hashtag to Help Animals!

facebook-post-smAre you on social media? We need your help to earn $10,000 for our animals! Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County Animal Shelter have an incredible opportunity to earn $10,000 from Subaru of New England throughout the month of October.  It’s easy peasy – all you need is to post pictures of your pets! Subaru of New England will make a donation based on our community’s participation!  Post for a Cause!

The #SNELovesPets Campaign

We are one of  six New England shelters invited to participate in a social media campaign and fundraiser that Subaru of New England (SNE) is calling SNE Loves Pets.  The branch has set a goal of raising $10,000 for each participating shelter – but we need your help to get there!

All you have to do is share photos of your pet – or any animal in your life – on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and use the hashtag #SNELovesPets  throughout the month of October. For every photo that’s shared with the hashtag, we’ll receive a donation from Subaru of New England. It’s that easy!

Muffy demonstrates the hashtag on instagram.

Muffy demonstrates the SNE hashtag on instagram.


Subaru New England will donate $5 for each photo that uses the hashtag, and at the conclusion of the campaign on October 31, they will split the total amount among the six New England shelters invited to participate. There’s no limit to how often you share, so post, post, post… your pet, your friends’ pets, our shelter pets, any critter in your life. Please mention the project to friends and family, too!

There is NO LIMIT to how often you can post, so POST POST POST!
Just don’t forget the #SNELovesPets hashtag!

Happy posting! We’ll be updating our totals on our Facebook page as the month progresses! A big thank you to Subaru and a big thank you to YOU!
Let us know if you have any questions by emailing marketing@coastalhumanesociety.org or by calling 449-1366. You can also check out SNE for more details.


Q: If one person posts more than once, will every picture be worth $5 towards the final donation amount? Or, is it $5 per person?
A: It is $5 per picture.

Q: Do people need to tag Subaru of New England on Facebook for the post to count?
A: Users DO NOT need to tag Subaru of New England on Facebook for the post to count, you only need to use #SNELovesPets. Subaru New England would love to be tagged as well in your posts, but it is not essential. They’d also like to know a little bit about the animal featured in your posts – just a few words!  You can find them on Twitter: @SubaruOfNewEng   Facebook: Subaru of New England   and  Instagram: @SubaruOfNewEngland

Q: When will the campaign officially launch and conclude?
A: 12:00 AM on Saturday, October 1 is the start; ends October 31 at midnight.

Q: Where can I learn more?
A: Check out Subaru’s SNE Campaign page here. You can also email us at marketing@coastalhumanesociety.org or call 449-1366.

Q: How else can I help?
A: Spread the word! You can also Print our SNE Flyer to get the word out. Remind all your friends to use the hashtag and post, post, post for a cause!