Fall “Full-Belly” Pet Food Drive Contest!

The Coastal Humane Society of Brunswick and Lincoln County Animal Shelter of Edgecomb are asking the public for donations of dry food for their cats and dogs. After a busy summer and busy start to fall, critical supplies are running low.

To encourage people to make donations, the Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County shelters are hosting a FALL FULL-BELLY PET FOOD DRIVE now through October 15, and will give the person(s) who donate the most cat food and the most dog food each a $25 gift certificate to L.L.Bean.  Dry food only counts in the drive, and the weight of the dry food will be recorded at the time of donation.

Joe Montisano, Executive Director of both organizations, said “Imagine having hundreds of little mouths to feed every day… it is not something we can compromise and yet at certain times of the year the demand exceeds our supply so we need our community’s help.  I think some people prefer to donate dog and cat food because there is no doubt where it is going and what it is used for.  I also know that both the humans and animals at our shelters really appreciate the support.”

Please note Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County Animal Shelter are asking for DRY cat or dog food that is free of dyes and artificial coloring of any kind.

“Because a lot of our critters come from a variety of backgrounds, the dye can cause upset bellies and adverse reactions in some of the animals in our care,” said Montisano.

Only dye-free brands will count for the contest.  Examples of these are Wellness, Science Diet, Iams, or Purina One.

The shelter is offering additional rewards for donors as well: wet kisses from dogs and plenty of nuzzles from cats and kittens.

Dry food can be brought to any of the shelters’ three locations:

190 Pleasant Street, Brunswick
Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM

30 Range Road, Brunswick
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9AM – 4PM
Friday and Saturday, 9AM – 6PM

27 Atlantic Highway, Edgecomb
Monday and Tuesday, Thursday – Saturday 11AM – 4PM

Those that are unable to make it in to one of the shelter’s drop off locations can contribute online from the animal shelters’ Amazon.com wish list to have donations shipped to the shelter. A link to the list is available at coastalhumanesociety.org/wishlist.