Fall for a Feline: Cats 1 Year and Older are Fee-Waived All Month to Make Room for “Matthew” Pets

Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County Animal Shelter will be waiving adult cat adoption fees for the rest of October in effort to make room for additional cats rescued from Southern states recently affected by Hurricane Matthew.
The adoption promotion, called Fall for a Feline, is going on now at both facilities and concludes on October 31. Adult cats one year or older are free to adopt, have been spayed/neutered, and are up to date on vaccinations.
Shelters from Florida to the Carolinas are accepting increased numbers of stray dogs and cats after the hurricane. To assist the bursting shelters, the Coastal Humane and Lincoln County shelters will be taking in stray cats that were in these shelters before the storm hit so they can help displaced and lost pets.
“No one suffers more than the animals when a disaster hits,” said Joe Montisano, Executive Director for the Coastal Humane Society. “Often large numbers of cats and dogs are lost or abandoned and left to fend for themselves,” he continued.
CHS/LCAS will accept up to ten cats in their initial rescue and they expect to take in more as clean up efforts continue in the South.
“As part of the global community, CHS and LCAS want to do what we can to help. We hope our local community will help us make room for these cats by taking home one of our cats currently up for adoption. We have many, many wonderful cats available right now, and all cats deserve a forever home and a second chance.”
Adoption hours are posted on coastalhumanesociety.org and lcasmaine.org. Pictures of adoptable pets are available online.